Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FCBM3 Wrap-up

Free Comic Book Month 3 finally wrapped-up earlier this week (I suppose it should be "Free Comic Book Month-and-a-Half"!). Everybody who entered got a free comic! Participation was down this year with only 49 entries; correspondingly, the number of free comics I gave out was also down to just 111. Nearly all of the entires were new people who hadn't entered in previous years.

The postal increase in mid-May was brutal; sure the price of letters only went up a couple of cents, but the price for mailing comic-sized envelopes went up significantly more, and the Media Mail rate went up a whopping 34% (making it usually more expensive than first class for lighter-weight items like comics).

FCBM always brings increased traffic to the blog, and May 2007 was my biggest month yet. However, traffic overall has been way up in 2007, so the bump from FCBM3 wasn't nearly as pronounced as t has been in past years.

Now for my favorite part of the wrap-up, the list of most popular comics that were listed by entrants:

11 people: Fables

6 people: All-Star Superman; Y, the Last Man

5 people: The Spirit

4 people: Astonishing X-Men; Birds of Prey; Daredevil; The Walking Dead

3 people: Amazing Spider-Man; Astro City; Batman; Death Note; Ex Machina; Flash; Hellboy; Incredible Hulk; Invincible; Invisibles; Justice League of America; Justice Society of America; Robin; Runaways; Scott Pilgrim; Spider-Man; Superman/Batman; X-Factor

2 people: Action Comics; All New Atom; Bone; Castle Waiting; Detective Comics; DMZ; Fantastic Four; Fell; Hellsing; Hitman; Manhunter; Marvel Adv Avengers; Marvel Zombies; Planetary; Promethea; Punisher Max; Sandman; She-Hulk; Sin City; Superman; Top Ten; Transmetropolitan; Usagi Yojimbo

Plus another 95 titles listed by just one person each.

Thanks go out to everyone who linked to FCBM3, including: Rob, David, Shane, Johanna, Lyle, and Michael.

And of course thanks to everyone who entered!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great FCBM!

LUCHO LUNA said...

grandioso, increible.