Monday, February 11, 2008

Giant Green Shirt!

Giant Green Shirt

No, that's not a forced perspective shot or an illusion, it's an actual giant green shirt, which was being raised in the lobby of the Duderstadt Center when I came in to work this morning.

Here's another shot:

Giant Green Shirt

What does this have to do with comics? Not much, excepting that some days coming into work is like entering a comic written by Grant Morrison...

BTW, I'm working on a plan that should make our library the coolest academic library ever. Can't say anything right now, but hopefully I'll have something to announce in a month or so...


Anonymous said...

Ah yes - I believe our fearless leader Mr. Tursky was involved in creating the giant Mao jacket. I have a (smaller) version he brought back from China - I should wear it to work sometime.

Tommy! said...

Oh man, that's extremely cool! Thanks for posting that great pic, ha ha! It kinda reminds me of the artwork of Claes Oldenburg, a pop artist from the 60's....sweet!

Thanks, Tommy

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