Thursday, February 28, 2008

Must Be the Last Week of the Month

Point of interest to probably no one but me: Every week as I catalog the new comics I've purchased I stack them in three piles: 'DC,' 'Marvel,' and 'everything else.' This week the 'everything else' pile was just as tall as the 'DC' pile, which included the massive Showcase Presents: Superman Family vol. 2!

I seem to recall that Diamond considers a comic late and therefore returnable if it arrives more than a month later than it was solicited for. Thus this was the last week for anything that was solicited for shipping in January 2008 to not be 'late.' Thus my shipment this week included the January 2008 issues of Rex Libris, Ninja High School, Nexus, Misericordia, The Engineer, and Doctor Who...

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