Thursday, June 30, 2011

DC Relaunch Titles I Would Have Liked to See

Last week I ranked my interest in all fifty-two of the upcoming DC relaunch titles (aka DCnU). Seven of those I rated as 'Definitely No.' What titles would I like to have seen instead? Here are some possibilities:

Lois Lane, Ace Reporter
by Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover
Lois Lane is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the Daily Planet's number one reporter. So why does that country bumpkin Clark Kent always get those scoops on Superman? In between investigating corruption in Metropolis City Hall and bringing down criminal conspiracies, Lois is going to use all her journalism skills to uncover Kent's secret!

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
by Tania del Rio
Fifteen-year-old high school student Amy Winston learns that she's really a warrior princess from the magical realm of Gemworld. Now she divides her time between defending Gemworld from the evil forces of Dark Opal and trying to pass American History and avoid the wrath of the queen bees in school. But which world will prove more treacherous? (Hint: it's probably high school).

by Bryan Q. Miller & Nicola Scott
Stephanie Brown has been Robin and Batgirl, but she still can't get the super-hero community to take her seriously! Now she's forming her own team of teenage girl super-heroes–including former Batgirl Cassandra Cain–and they're intent on making their mark in the world! 

G.I. Robot
by Matt Kindt
SFC Jake Kanigher discovers a WWII-era robot in the basement of a secret military research facility. But what is Jake's hidden connection to the 70-year-old robotics program? He'd better find out soon, because now an unknown conspiracy is trying to capture the robot, and have Jake killed!

Challengers of the Unknown
by Kathryn Immonen & Tonci Zonjic
Trapped in suspended animation for fifty years, Ace, Red, Rocky, Prof and June awaken to find 2012 a bewildering world, but one that still has plenty of unknowns to challenge!

by Nick Spencer & Dean Trippe
On her fourteenth birthday, star athlete-in-the-making Courtney Whitmore inherits her late grandfather's Gravity Rod, which gives its user the power to control gravity and channel a mysterious Cosmic Energy. Now Courtney must choose between becoming a super-hero and training for the swim team; but with what she learns about her grandfather's connection to a mysterious Society of Justice, the choice may already be made for her!

Angel and the Ape
by Andrew Pepoy & Amy Mebberson
Angel O'Day is a can't-catch-a-break private investigator; Sam Simeon, Angel's new office-mate, is a comic book artist—and a gorilla! Together they make up the DCU's oddest of odd couples, exploring the wacky and hilarious side of the new DCU!


Steve M said...

I'd definitely buy 2 of those (GI Robot & Lois Lane) and tradewait 3 others (Spoilers, Challengers & Stargirl) - this coming from a guy who's planning on buying exactly zero of the 52 titles DC's throwing at us. The titles they went with are just uninspired. Not all that different than what they have currently, and with a bad '90's vibe on top of it. Good call on these titles & creative teams!

Anonymous said...

> Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
> by Tania del Rio

I'd buy that!

ShellyS said...

I'd buy most of those! I sure won't be buying many of the real ones.