Monday, November 15, 2004

Ringo's Sketches

As most probably know by now, it was recently announced that Mark Waid & Mike Wieringo are leaving Fantastic Four for another yet-to-be-determined project. It'll probably involve super-heroes.

However, as anyone who has visited Mike's Sketch Blog knows, Wieringo has talents far beyond being a super-hero artist. Judging by the many sketches that involve kids and animals, he would make a great artist of kids comics. Of course, there isn't much money in kids comics these days, but it would seem that he would also make for an excellent illustrator of children's books. Maybe he and Mark could collaborate on something along the lines of the combination kids books/comics that Gaiman and McKean do (e.g. The Wolves in the Walls).

Just thinking out loud here (okay, not actually 'out loud'...); but I'd love to get a chance to see Wieringo stretch beyond super-heroes.

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