Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cheap Manga Returns

DollarManga.com, the site which clearances out manga GNS from the company formerly known as ComicsOne, has returned (I previously blogged about them back in November). Most titles are available for $1, $2, or $3 (though some are higher). Crayon Shinchan for $1 each! Iron Wok Jan for $3 each! Crouching Tiger for $2 each! Shipping is $5 + $1/item, so for just one or two titles you won't save much, but if you order a lot you'll surely realize some substantial savings.

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Joia13 said...

OMG, i checked out www.dollarmanga.com and i was so shocked. Full blown mangas, no strings attached. I ordered like 19 different ones and only paid 46.00 total. That is almost the price i would pay for 5 mangas off the shelf at borders books. They accept paypal as well, even better.