Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Pack is Back, Again

According to an interview on Newsarama, Marc Sumerak & GuriHiru will return to chronicle the adventures of everyone's favorite pre-teen super-heroes in a four issue X-Men/Power Pack mini. While I'd rather see Power Pack on their own sans X-Men, I enjoyed the first series by this team so much that I'll be happy to see them return to Power Pack in any form.

In the same interview, I also learned that GuriHiru is not some guy, but rather a pair of female artists from Japan who work as a team. They do some cool other stuff too.

For those of you poor souls who missed out on the first Power Pack mini, you'll want to check out the digest sized-collection coming out soon, as well as the Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius comic that collects the back-up stories.

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