Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Runaways Contest - Winners!

In the YACB Runaways contest, I asked you to write a paragraph (or so) responding to the following: "If your parents were super-villains, which super-villains would they be, and why?"

Second place goes to B. R. Salazar. B. R. writes:
If my parents turned out to be super-villains I would have to pick “The Rhino” for my mother because of her stubbornness. She may be the most hard-headed person I have ever met. She has the unrelenting ability to never forget a wrong committed against her and to hardly ever forgive. Once her mind is set in a certain direction, there is no swaying her of course.

My father on the other hand is short, stocky and tough as nails. I would say he reminds me of Wolverine, but since this is villains, I’ll go with the wrecker. My father was great at taking things apart, but not so good at putting them back together.

For being the second-place finisher, B. R. wins the first six issues of the first Runaways series.

First place, and the grand prize package of the first three Runaways digest collections, goes to Max Crowe. Max writes:
Turner D. Century, for my father, for being hopelessly out of date (and dressing funny) and Cassandra Nova, for my mother, for being complex, remarkably intelligent, and having a fondness for the paintings of Max Ernst. (And of course, because they're both evil.) (Also if you do post this, my mother insists that you make clear that she is not bald.)

Congratulations to the winners--I'll be in touch with you shortly to send you your prize packages. And thanks to everyone who entered. Look for our next contest sometime in August, celebrating our first blogiversary with more free comics to give away!

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Great contest Dave. Thanks again!