Friday, July 01, 2005

Returning to Comics

Two recent additions to the sidebar are blogs of guys who have recently returned to reading comics after too long of an absence:

Kurt, over at Return to Comics, has started reading comics again after having been out of the game for twenty-five years (except for a prief daliance with Image ca. 1993), and Zilla, Comics Junkie comes back into the fold after a 15-year hiatus.

Not sure if it means anything or not, but it's a good sign if some of the lost sheep can come back into the fold. In terms of variety of material available, this is probably the best that comics have ever been (if if that variety very often has a hard time finding a market). These guys have many years worth of good stuff to seek out.

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Anonymous said...

There are probably a lot of returnees out there. I dropped out at the dawn of the Jim Lee Age and didn't come back until Astonishing X-Men debuted. My re-education has been rapid and enlightening.

On the surface, I agree that this is the best things have ever been. Although in fairness, some of the best stuff I've read over the last year dates from my time away... Preacher, Strangers in Paradise, Morrison's X-Men, Planetary, and so on are right up there with current stuff like We3, New Frontier, the new LSH, or Runaways. Part of what makes this a great period is that the backlog of trades is so broad... even ignoring the mounds of junk, it'll take me years to dig through everything.