Thursday, October 20, 2005

Linkblogging: Blogs That Love Comics

A handful of blogs I visit when I want a comic book blog pick-me-up:

Zilla and the Comics Junkies, where Zilla and the boys, recently returned to comics after a several-year absence, discover with amazement some of the things that we long-time comics readers take for granted.

Dial B for Blog, where everyday is a celebration of the joys of comics (with a strong emphasis on DC's Silver Age), like today's Ghost of the Giant Hand!

Redhead Fangirl, which is exactly as the title implies. She's a librarian too, so you know there's a lot of Batgirl/Oracle love.


RedheadFangirl said...

Back at ya! No shushing librarians here..and we both love monkey covers.. (and Go Blue! Hail to the Victors on yet another win!)

Mark Kardwell said...

Of course, my blog is by a librarian who writes about comics, too.

Only EVIL! Bwahahahahaha!

oldcomics said...

NostalgiaZine Old Comics has a bunch of articles on old comics and collecting.