Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New This Week: October 19, 2005

Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop later today:

The Pick of the Week is the hardcover collection of Charles Burns's Black Hole from Pantheon. Years in the making, this is a superb and creepy horror story of sex and transformation and teenage angst set in a middle-American suberb in the 70s. Few comics are worthy of a hardcover collection, but Black Hole definitely is.

In other comics:

Alias have the second issues of David: Shepherd's Song and the colorized reprint of Opposite Forces.

AP Comics finally release the first issue of Abiding Perdition (read the solicitation copy for the fifth issue in the current Previews--it's unintentionally very funny!)

Dark Horse have a new issue of Conan (#21).

DC have the debut of Captain Atom: Armageddon, bringing the shiny ex-Quality super-hero into the WildStorm universe (remember how well that worked when Marvel was mixing up the Marvel U with the Ultraverse?); the final issues of Authority: Revolution (#12), The Intimates (#12) and Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy (#4); and new issues of Astro City: The Dark Age (#4), Birds of Prey (#87), Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (#2), Hellblazer (#213), Lucifer (#67), Manhunter (#15), and Top Ten: The Farthest Precinct (#3).

Dork Storm have a new issue of Dork Tower (#32).

IDW have a 99 cent #0 issue of their new Transformers.

Image have a new issue of The Walking Dead (#22) and a collection of the Beckett series Ruule: Ganglords of Chinatown.

Marvel have the relaunches of two series you really should be reading: She Hulk 2 and X-Men and Power Pack--look, not enough of you bought the first Power Pack mini, so now they've had to go and add in the X-Men. See what you've done! Buy this before they cross-over again! They also have a collections of Daredevil, vol. 12: Decalogue and Supreme Power, vol. 3: High Command; and new issues of Runaways (#9), Supreme Power: Hyperion (#2), and Ultimate Spider-Man (#84).

Oni have the joyous third issue of the sublimely funny Banana Sunday. Buy this comic!

Top Shelf have the second issue of The Surrogates. Buy this one too!

That'll do it for this week. Enjoy!

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