Wednesday, December 14, 2005

YACB Miscellany

A few miscellaneous items:

ITEM: The CBLDF Fund Drive continues, though slowly. So far two people have accepted the challenge, which means that we need 8 more people to join at the $25 level or higher in the next 10 days to meet our goal. Thanks for additional linkage from Ian and Mark (and I think a couple of others too--please post in the comments section if you linked and I haven't mentioned you yet).

ITEM: Monday's Christmas Cover was for the comic book adaptation of Santa Claus Conquerers the Martians. I've since learned that, as the movie is in the public domain (becuase, really, who would want to claim it?) you can get the whole movie in various MPEG formats at the Internet Archive.

ITEM: My presentation last Friday went pretty well. I talked for 30 minutes or so about comics, booktalked a few--different varieties to try to touch on something for nearly everyone--and gave away copies of The Goon 25¢ special. I've put my PowerPoint slides online here in case anyone is interested in looking at them (large file--lots of images). I'm not sure how much it will make sense without my accompanying presentation, but at least you can see which comics I chose to highlight.

ITEM: Yes, I know I owe you all the second part of this month's Previews-o-Rama. I haven't found the time to do it yet--maybe this weekend? Actually content has been fairly light here the past couple of weeks--busy holiday season, you know...

ITEM: The Oni Press store is offering free shipping on orders over $25 through the end of the year. They also have sales on several of their graphic novels, including hte first volumes of Barry Ween, Blue Monday, The Complete Geisha, Courtney Crumrin, Hopeless Savages, Love Fights, Queen & Country, Scott Pilgrim, Sidekicks, and Whiteout--all of which would make for fine Christmas presents for the comic book lover in your life (or for yourself and your after-Christmas money). (link via Johanna)

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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Linked. I renewed earlier in the fall, but if you're still short on the last day, I'll contribute another $25 to the drive.