Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hal Jordan: Badass

Let's face it: considering that he wears on his finger the Most Powerful Weapon in the Universe, Hal Jordan is way too often depicted as an ineffectual boob, like when he gets knocked unconscious by sticks of wood.

But sometimes the editors remember that Hal is wielding that cool ring and depict him on covers as the badass he should most righteously be:

Green Lantern #40

No blonde-haired Robert Redford wannabe in a rejected Robin costume is going to take Hal's job--even if he was there first!

Green Lantern #85

Take that, you blonde goateed hippy! (Hal doesn't like guys with blonde hair...)

Green Lantern #127

That's two--count 'em--two badass power rings!

Green Lantern #150

Back to just one ring, but he's leading the charge with a bunch of badass orc-wannabe Anti-Green Lanterns!

Green Lantern #151

Hal's too much of a badass to care what his woman wants!

Green Lantern #155

Beware my Power, b*tch!

Green Lantern #181

Hal's not taking any crap from a bunch of short blue guys!

DC Comics Presents #26

That's right--a whole planetoid made of Kryptonite. Hal could kick Kal's ass anytime he wants just by thinking about it!

Green Lantern/Green Arrow #6

Hal's not going to take any smack from smack--and he's not going to let his friends forget it!

Green Lantern Corps #216

Hey kid--Hal used to fly those things when you were in diapers. Punk!

Green Lantern #34

Still not taking any crap from the blue guys!

Green Lantern #43

He's a frickin' Shogun Warrior!

Green Lantern #47

Strong and silent--lets his blonde haired hippy friend do all the talking!

So there you go. Hal Jordan, being a badass. Although it seems that in so many of those he's being mind controlled...


Scipio said...

Hal? Mind controlled?


I should have thought he'd be immune to that....

Spencer Carnage said...

Yeah, that's funny stuff. Now I understand why everyone's all "Hal's a man's man."

kalinara said...

Hal's ever *not* mind controlled?


Ragnell said...

Thank you, for all of these lovely mid-career examples of Hal under mind-control.

I noticed in the Showcase he had that tendancy, but that could be being a newbie. Recently, we can blame it on Parallax.

But the mid-career stuff is a lot harder to shake.