Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New This Week: January 11, 2006

Seven Soldiers of Victory, vol. 1Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is probably Seven Soldiers of Victory, vol. 1, by Grant Morrison & a host of artists. Unless of course you've been buying all of the 7S minis all along--in which case your Pick of the Week would be DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore. But then there's a good chance that you already have all of the stuff in that collection too. In which case you may opt for Wrapped in Plastic #75--the final (and oversized) issue of the critical David Lynch fan mag. Of course, you might not be a fan of David Lynch--so perhaps you'll go for the Youngblood Maximum Edition? (just kidding--even if it is completely redialogued by Joe Casey).

Let's see what else may be of interest:

Antarctic have the first issue of Gold Digger Color Remix, presenting the first GD mini in glorious color; and for more glorious GD in color there's the massive Gold Digger Gold Brick, vol. 4 which includes issues #26-50 of volume 3. They also have the first regular issue of Metadocs Type A.

DC have the debut of ElfQuest: The Discovery; 100 Bullets #68, Desolation Jones #5, DMZ #3, and Fables #45.

IDW have Angel: Old Friends #2.

Marvel have The Book of Lost Souls #4, Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #8, New Thunderbolts #17, and She-Hulk 2 #4.

That's about it--a very light week.

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