Tuesday, January 03, 2006

YAFL: Final Results

Final Results:

Championship Game:

Inferior 5 plus 6 67
Danger Unlimited 34

3rd Place Game:

Power Pack 78
Nine Pound Hammers 52

5th Place Game:

B.P.R.D. 35
Kickers Inc. 24

7th Place Game:

Tomorrow Syndicate 56
www.rickgebhardt.net 26

Congratulations to Rick Jones and his Inferior 5 plus 6 for their playoff victory!

Thanks to everyone for playing--we'll see you next season!


Rick Jones, really said...

Let's hear it for blind luck, everybody!

I was using this season as an experiment. I let the computer pick my team for me and then let it ride for the entire season.

And it worked!

Laziness over all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting this. It was great fun.

Next year I'm taking Rick's approach, I worked way too hard for second place. (Okay, I didn't work that hard - but clearly harder than Rick.)