Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Waiting for the Trade

Y, the Last Man vol. 5Here are the comic series that I currently wait for the trade to get & read:

Fantastic Four
New Avengers
Amazing Spider-Man
Ultimate Fantastic Four
Y, the Last Man
The Losers
Hard Time
The Walking Dead
various mini-series from Marvel & Oni

Usually I'm waiting for the trade either because I didn't start reading it in floppies, and once I've started with trades that's the best way to continue; or because I used to read it in floppies but I feel that it reads better as larger chunks.

How about you--what do you prefer to read in trades as opposed to floppies?


Unknown said...

I try to stick to buying floppies for ongoing series. I've started to not buy any mini's from Marvel or DC because they are almost always collected shortly after the floppies come out. I mostly buy original graphic novels as opposed to trades.

Kinbote said...

Finances being what they are, I've switched to trades for a bunch of things. I get Ultimate Spiderman in hardcover and Outsiders, Teen Titans, Losers, Lucifer, Fables, She Hulk, Walking Dead, Invincible and Queen and Country in trade form. Probably will start getting more that way soon. I still buy a bunch of singles, though. Old habits, y'know.

RedheadFangirl said...

I've never heard comics called 'floppies'. That's cute.
Did you read the She-Hulk where Dan Slott writes a rant about trying to keep a regular comic going when everyone is waiting for the trades? Great stuff.
I tend to buy the trades of the comics I already have, like Y and the Walking Dead. But for ones I missed the boat on, like Ex Machina and Ultra, the trades are the 'previously on.." version.

Jon said...

Fables, Y, Ex Machina, Invincible and, for some reason, JSA. I only read Transmetropolitan and Starman in trade, too (which, in hindsight, was probably a bad idea in Starman's case, as DC didn't get their last trade out until last year and there's still uncollected issues out there).

Sid said...

I work in a comic shop in the UK, so Itend to read a lot of comics. Y, Fables and Invincible were all comics I started as Tpbs, but have since moved to periodicles. The only comics I still get in Tpb are She-Hulk and Walking Dead. For the most part, if its by DC and Marvel I will go for the single. Stuff by indie companys, like IDW, Oni and the very under-rated Ait / Planetlar I tend to go for the graphic novels.
There are some comics that you just need in collected form as well as the singles, such as Planetary, Authority, Preacher, Hellblazer (Ennis), Watchmen etc...
Is it just me or do Vertigo books in general work much better as Tpbs?
I do think that Trades are the future of the industry though, and that a massive change is coming to the entire comic industry which a lot of "purists" won't like, but its a change that needs to happen for the sake of the future of the industry.

Anonymous said...

Y - started reading the trades (1,2,3) because I missed the series, then bought the "floppies", now back to trades. It's a better read.

Walking dead - both. I read the comics, then buy the trade and reread the last arc.

Savage Dragon - both, (well ... I'm still waiting; got anything, all the comics, all the trades)

Invincible - trades

DC - ongoing series mostly as comics, minis as trade (exception: IC and GL Corps recharged)

Queen & Country - read as comics, selling them now, going to buy the trades for rereading

Marvel stuff - only trades (ebay)
Ah .. no ... made the mistake to buy Ghost Rider as comics ... should have waithed for the trade.

Why trades ... because I read so many comics (a lot european stuff as well, "franco-belgian") that sometimes it's hard to remember what happened in the last 2 issues of let's say the flash ... so I've got to reread them everytime another issue get's out

Anonymous said...

@sid "trades as the future of the industry."
I'm not sure. I don't know how comics are "read" in the US. As a child (in Germany) there were hardly any "monthly" comics. The stuff I read was "Astrix & Obelix" etc. So it's different over here. And right now the majority of the kids read mangas. I think.

Some comics work better as monthly publications. Especially ongoing series of the two big companies. I still prefer reading Wolverine, the flash, teen titans etc. as serials over trades. Usually everything that has some kind of continuity and a "universe" is better in comics/"floppies". That's if you care about continuity.

One thing annoys me extremly in comics: the advertisments in the books. Sometimes I just can't stand it. Pages and pages of b*llsh@t computer games, "army-marines-we're the good killers", games and so on ... This is certainly a LOT better in trades. Why can't they put that stuff at the end? Ok ok I know why. But it still bothers me.

Most Vertigo stuff is better in trades. Exception: Loveless. (Until now)

Hell ... I still buy too much comics ...

Cary said...

I am the same way with Y: the last man. i missed the first 8 or 9 issues and was introduced to it in trade form, so that's really the only way I have every read it. Seems kinda normal with that title. I have since started working on the 100 Bullets trades the same way. Eventually, I expect we will all be living the trade life as floppies move more and more to the fringe.

chasdom said...

Examples of books I buy in singles:
Jack Staff (and Kane)
Or Else
Optic Nerve
Fantagraphics' Ignatz series
Rex Libris
American Virgin

And examples of what I buy in trades:
Y: The Last Man
Ex Machina
The Goon
Astro City
Strangers in Paradise

There's obviously some publisher distinctions there, but there are some mainstream books on the first list and some independent books on the second, so it's not always so clear. It depends on how initial much support I think a book needs.

Beyond those there are two regularly-traded books that I CANNOT wait for the trade on: Planetary and True Story Swear to God. They are like crack, I swear!