Monday, January 09, 2006

YACB Bulletins

ITEM! Ever wonder what happened to ex-Quantum & Woody artist M. D. "Doc" Bright? In addition to illustrating one of the upcoming Untold Tales of the New Universe one-shots, he's created his own syndicated comic strip: Level Path. (via Steve Bennett)

ITEM! "We thought that American television was much better than it actually was because they didn’t send over any of the rubbish!" - Neil Gaiman, in an interview on 92Y Blog (via Tom). This used to be the case with Japanese manga here in the U.S.--until the last couple of years when, desperate for material, the publishers started licensing the cheap crap along with the good stuff, giving us a more accurate look at the range of quality in Japanese comics.

ITEM! Apparently Joe Q thinks that the market can support another ongoing Wolverine series. Because what everyone is clamoring for is another comic starring the most overexposed character of the past two decades.

ITEM! Over at The Great Curve, Tom Bondurant takes the opportunity of the occasion of the end of Superman to take a look back at the 20-year post-Crisis history of the enduring super-hero.

ITEM! The 2005 Nebula Awards preliminary ballot is available--as usual, I haven't read anything on it (yet...)

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