Monday, February 13, 2006

YACB Bulletins

ITEM! Apparently TokyoPop's Kingdom Hearts is doing big business in the bookstores. It's also a rather bad comic. I wish I could be surprised at that.

ITEM! Freaky: Real people, manga-fied. (via BasuGasuBakuhatsu)

ITEM! At the current rate, I'm anticipating that we'll hit our 100,000th visitor milestone on Thursday this week, and thus we'll probably be having our Special 100K Visitor Give-Away Contest that day as well. Stay tuned...

ITEM! The new DC Solicitations are out today, and two things immediately jumped out at me: 1) Following Marvel's lead, DC are increasing all of their remaining titles to $2.99 (except for Johnny DC titles and 52); 2) Cynthia Martin is the guest artist for Blue Beetle #3--a name I haven't seen on a comic in a long, long time, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing her drawn a comic again.

ITEM! Andrew Pepoy will be doing a Katy Keene feature in Archie and Friends. I don't really know a thing about Katy Keene, but I usually enjoy Pepoy's work very muchly (I don't think he's written & drawn a feature since Simone & Ajax) so I'll be checking this out.


Anonymous said...

David the "ITEM! The new DC Solicitations" points the blogspot-entry and not the solicitations.

Dave Carter said...

Oops. All fixed. Thanks.