Monday, February 20, 2006

YACB Bulletins

ITEM! "I'm always sorry to have to rush to the defense of idiots." Joe Sacco, along with Art Speigelman, discusses the Danish cartoon controversy on The Nation.

ITEM! Linkology: How the Most-Linked-To Blogs Relate from New York Magazine. And not a single comics blog among them.

ITEM! Infuze magazine has the entire first issue of David: Shepherd's Song available online (free registration required). I previously reviewed this comic favorably.

ITEM! Over on Newsarama, Andy Diggle interviews David Lloyd about the V for Vendetta movie (Lloyd's take is quite different from Alan Moore's...) and his upcoming graphic novel, Kickback (with sample pages!)

ITEM! On this weekend's Speaking of Faith, host Krista Tippett speaks in-depth with American Muslim scholar Vincent Cornell about the Danish Cartoon Controversy. It's very interesting, but missing from the conversation is any mention of the inflamatory fake cartoons.

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