Friday, February 10, 2006

YAFQ: Are You Spending More or Less?

Yet Another Friday Question:

Are you spending more or less on comics these days than you have in the recent past?

For me, my monthly orders through DCBS had been going down; I was spending about 20% less than I was a year ago. But for this month's orders it shot way back up, mostly due to several high-ticket items.

What about you--are you spending more or less on comics these days?


Unknown said...

I am roughly spending the same amount. I set my budget at no more than $100 per month. If I have a bunch of crap I want to order in a month that'll total more than that, I cut out some things to get under budget. If I can't find enough stuff to total $100, then that's great b/c I don't have to cut anything out.

L0N said...

Mine is up, but then for most of last year i was underemployed. So it had nowhere o go but up. :-)

CalvinPitt said...

I think about the same. I am adding a few titles, but that seems to be offset by me getting frustrated with other titles and dropping them.

Anonymous said...

I am spending less but not because there's a lack of good books. In fact, I find there are many more books I want than I can afford. And, reading what is coming up from DC and what's out there for independent titles.... what's a boy to do????