Saturday, July 29, 2006

Super Covers Week: The Future

Super Covers Week continues. It's a question that has interested the creators for decades: What does the future hold in store for the Man of Steel?

Action Comics #251

Will he get old but never die? That's how it appears on the cover of Action Comics #251.

Action Comics #386

Perhaps he gets old and has to move into a home with other fading heroes, like in Action Comics #386.

Superman & Batman: Generations 3 #7

Or he gets older, just very slowly, as in John Byrne's Superman & Batman: Generations 3.

Superman #416

Or he just gets old and doesn't have the sense that Ma Kent gave him to come out of the cold, as in the darn cool cover to Superman #416 by Eduardo Barreto.

Superman #107

Or he goes the Rip Van Winkle route, like in Superman #107, and discovers that he's not so super anymore.

Action Comics Annual #3

One doesn't have to go into the far future for a glimpse of Superman's life; how about the near future of... 2001? In Action Comics Annual #3, we find the Man of Steel becomes the President of Steel! (Ironically, in the regular comics, when 2001 rolled around it wasn't Superman but his arch enemy, Lex Luthor, who became President!)

The Adventures of Superman Annual #3

Alternately, Clark could become a widower. But really, making out with that skank Maxima on your wife's grave? Tacky, Kal-El, really tacky.

Superman #215

See, now that's better. (But what kind of name is Lanie for a kid?)

Superman #300

But who says it has to be our Superman in the future? What if Superman came to Earth today--in 1976? Then he'd be the Superman of the future in 2001!

Superman #181

Even farther in the future, here's the Superman of 2965. He's 'so different' from our Man of Steel, what with the flying and the same powers and everything...

Superman #136

Now the Superman of 2999--there's a kid who understands tradition, as he recreates the cover to Action #1.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1000000

We end with the aptly named Superman: Man of Tomorrow #1000000, with Gene Ha giving us the Superman of today encountering his future self of the 853-rd century!

Thanks for journeying with us into the future. We'll be back tomorrow with more of Super Covers Week (and if you've been paying attention for the past couple of years, I bet you can guess what tomorrow's theme is...)

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Unknown said...

There is an another Alternative: "SUPERMAN 2020" in the pages of Superman

First Appearance
Superman #354
(December, 1980)
Last appearance
Superman #372
(June, 1982)