Friday, February 02, 2007

Box of Manga from Japan

Yotsuba&! vol. 4We have a new 'source' at the library for manga from Japan, and we just got our first box in today.

What was in the box? I'm glad you asked:

A two volume Best of Blackjack by Tezuka.

Volumes 4 & 5 of Tezuka's Phoenix.

A volume of Tezuka's Mighty Atom.

The four latest volumes of Inu-Yasha.

And all six volumes of Yotsuba&!.

That's right, we have volumes 4-6 of Yotsuba&! Of course they're in Japanese so I can't read a lick, but even looking at the pictures it's still a lot of fun. In one story in volume 4, the gang goes fishing (with the expected results). ADV, please get to publishing the final four volumes!

The physical quality on all of the volumes is excellent, much better than the cheaply produced editions that most of our translated manga ends up being. (And all of the above came out to costing just under US$70!)


Scott Cederlund said...

I've just gotten teh 4th Yotsuba as well. I'm amazed at how easily it is to "read" the book through the images and facial expressions. The adventure with the robot is my favorite.

Casey Malone said...

I will preface this with "I don't like Manga or Anime, except for Trigun"


Azumanga Dioh! and Yotsuba! are so damned ADORABLE, it would take a monster not to love them


Seth T. Hahne said...

And a monster not to publish them? :)