Friday, February 09, 2007

Random DC Super-hero Thoughts

* Have you noticed that all of DC's Superman titles are perpetually running late these days? We expect it on All Star Superman, and Superman/Batman & Supergirl have been plagued with lateness from the get-go. But these days Action Comics, Superman, and the new Superman Confidential are suffering from delays. One or two titles once in a while is understandable; but the entire line? I don't recall offhand who the editor of the Superman line is these days, but it sounds like a change is in order...

* Just finished reading Green Lantern Corps #5-6 last night. Golly what a boring title! How can one take the inherently cool concept of an interstellar police force--starring Guy Garder no less--and make it deadly dull is beyond me. Dave Gibbons has many virtues as a comic creator, but writing super-hero comics is not one of them.

* You know who would make the perfect writer for a Supergirl comic? Sean McKeever. He's newly exclusive to DC; coming off Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, one of Marvel's best titles, this would seem like the perfect fit. Toss in Les McClain as the artist and you'll have one fine comic! (And maybe it'll even come out on time...)


Carla said...

Hoorah! Another Sean McKeever Supergirl fan! Loren from One Diverse Comic Book Nation and myself have pondered the exact same thing and I would certainly love to be able to hand a little girl a Supergirl book without feeling... squirmy.

Bill D. said...

I kinda dig GLC, actually. Admittedly, though, it may be because I like the Green Lantern concept but don't have a lot of love in my heart for Hal Jordan, and I need to get my fix somehow, so my mileage may vary.