Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is Fables DC's Best-selling Title?

Is Fables DC's best-selling title?

I ask because the latest collection, Wolves (vol. 8) not only topped Diamond's December graphic novels chart, but was also the top non-manga title in the latest PW sales chart (which charts bookstore sales too).

Fables would appear to be an evergreen title too, with the Diamond chart showing 1500 of vol. 1 & 1000 of vol. 2 in December (in November it was even higher: 1700 & 1400 respectively). That's most likely 3000 new readers of Fables over the last two months of 2006, not even counting bookstore sales.

It's got to be either Fables or Y, the Last Man.

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Seth T. Hahne said...

My wife and I just started reading Fables last summer and it's quickly become one of our favourites. I really wouldn't be surprised to find out that it was DC's best-sellign book. It's smart and funny and doesn't demand that readers buy into superheroes - which seems a sticking point for several of my non-comic-reading friends. We've mentioned the series to many people and all of them seem genuinely interested in seeing what all our fuss is about.