Monday, February 05, 2007

Minicomics Monday

Great Moments in BaseballCartoonist Molly Lawless sent along a couple of her chapbook-sized comics for me to review. I'm pleased to say that they are both quite enjoyable.

infandum!: Adventures in Intoxication is short--just eight pages, including covers--but she packs a lot of story in; four stories, in fact. As you might guess from the subtitle they're all about inebriation in one form or another. Two deal with religion as well: one about the odder aspects of the transubstatiation doctrine, the other as to why you should never get into the Jesus Van while stoned.

Lawless's newest comic, Great Moments in Baseball #1, highlights some of the low points in the grand history of our nation's pastime, Such as the last stand of the original Washington Senators, or the time Ty Cobb claims he killed a man. Lawless is able to fully tell these five tales in two brief pages each, and her love for the game itself comes through even as she skewers its less honorable moments.

You can read selected comics and find ordering information on Lawless's blog.

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