Monday, November 14, 2005

New Library Comics: Week of November 7, 2005

Here are the comics we got in for our library collection last week:

Atak, 1967- Alice : kuss den Mond bevor er schlaft /Berlin : Jochen Enterprises, [1995]

Bennett, Jonathan. Torrential /New York : Smallest Press, c2004.

Brown, Jeffrey (Jeffrey David), 1975- I am going to be small : tiny comics /[Deerfield, Ill. : Jeffrey Brown, c2003.]

Brown, Jeffrey (Jeffrey David), 1975- Last night lasted all morning /[Deerfield, Ill. : Jeffrey Brown, 2003?]

Brown, Jeffrey (Jeffrey David), 1975- Mini sulk /Deerfield, Ill. : Jeffrey Brown, 2003.

Brown, Jeffrey (Jeffrey David), 1975- To Wenatchee /Deerfield, Ill. : Jeffrey Brown, [200-?]

Cole, Allison. Asher Bear makes a pod /[Providence, R. I. : Allison Cole, 2002.]

Cole, Allison. Modern rock /[Providence, R. I. : Allison Cole, 2002.]

Cole, Allison. Sketchbook of frustration; Eight days eight drawings; Modern rock /[Providence, R. I. : Allison Cole, 2001-2002.]

Cole, Allison. Sketchbook party /[Providence, R. I. : Allison Cole, 2002.]

Cole, Allison. Stress mess /[Providence, R. I. : Allison Cole, 200-?]

Collier, David, 1963- Just the facts : a decade of comics essays /Montreal, Quebec : Drawn & Quarterly, 1998.

Crane, Jordan, 1973- The shortcut : which is Chapter 2 (two) of a book without a name /[S.l. : Reddingk, 2002?]

Ferguson, Lee. Freak /Orange, Calif. : Image, 2004.

Harkham, Sammy. Ramsden /[S.l. : Sammy Harkham, 2004?]

Little "dirty" comics /San Diego, Calif. : Socio Library, 1971. vol. 1

MacPhee, Josh. Stop /[Chicago : Josh MacPhee, 2002.]

Moench, Doug, 1948- Slash Maraud /New York, N.Y. : DC Comics, 1987- no. 1-6

Nananan, Kiriko. Blue /Wisbech, Eng. : Fanfare ; Rasquera, Spain : Ponent Mon, [2004.]

Plastic Man. /New York : National Periodical Publications, c1976. no. 14

Richards, Ted. Two fools /San Francisco, Ca. : Saving Grace, a division of Keith Green/Industrial Reality, c1976.

Salazar, Souther. Field trip /[Pasadena, Calif. : Souther Salazar, 2003]

Taniguchi, Jiro. The times of Botchan /Tokyo : Fanfare/Ponent Mon, c2005.

Zero zero. /Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, c1995- no. 17, 19

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