Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New This Week: November 30, 2005

Colonia, vol. 2: On Into Great Lands coverBased on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is Jeff Nicholson's Colonia, vol. 2: On Into Great Lands from AiT/PlanetLAR, the second chapter in his alternate world fantasy. I can understand how, with Nicholson's slow production schedule, you may not have wanted to buy Colonia in the individual issues; but now that it's collected, you should really pick it up.

In other comics:

Aeon have the second issue of Matt Howarth's latest Keif Llama: Xenotech series. I get the feeling sometimes that I'm the only person around who loves Howarth's stuff. Won't you please give it a try?

Dark Horse have new issues of BPRD: The Black Flame (#4) and Usagi Yojimbo (#89).

DC have a collection of Warren Ellis's 'reclarified' Ocean; the penultimate issue of Kyle Baker's Plastic Man (#19); and new issues of JLA: Classified (#14), Legion of Super-Heroes (#12), and The Losers (#30).

IDW have a new collection of classic Grimjack: Legend of Grimjack, vol. 4.

Image have a fourth Walking Dead collection; and new issues of Fell (#3) and Ferro City (#4).

Ludovico Technique debut their new high-concept series Living in Infamy. (The concept? Witness protection for super-villains.)

Marvel have the Marvel Holiday Special 2005, anew issue of X-Men and Power Pack (#2), and the final issue of X-Men: Kitty Pride - Shadow & Flame (#5).

NBM have the latest of Rick Geary's Treasury of Victorian Murder: Vol. 7: Abraham Lincoln.

If it's the last week of the month, that must mean that TokyoPop is dumping a pile of books on the market. Among their 30(!) tankobons is the debut of Queenie Chan's OEL manga The Dreaming.

Viper have the final issue of the first Middleman mini (#4)--with monkeys on the cover!

Another relatively short week, so how about spending some of your hard-earned dough on some comics as presents for your friends and family?

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Philip said...

You're not the only fan of Howarth's work. I am very happy to see him producing comics again. I just wish he'd put out more collections of Those Annoying Post Bros and any collections of Savage Henry.

I love that Howarth creates actual science fiction comics, not just superheroes with SF trappings.

I'm still bitter that DC never published the Green Lantern story he did, and it's been how long since Green Lantern Quarterly was cancelled?