Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Covers - December 23

For each day of December until Christmas I'm featuring a Comic Cover Advent Calendar. Just move your mouse over the image to reveal today's special Holiday comic cover. Click on the image to get a larger version.

Even the manga gets into the Christmas spirit on Mario Kaneda's cover for Girls Bravo vol. 6.

Come back tomorrow for our penultimate Christmas cover of the year.

Just 2 more 'get-ups' until Santa!

(2005: All-New Collectors' Edition #C-53)
(2004: Impulse #34)

(Polite Dissent's 2006 Comic Book Cover Advent Calendar)
(Two newcomers this year: ShadZ and Brendan McKillip; and Kevin Melrose does it all in one post.)

(Looking for a little Christmas cheer of your own? Tune in to free Yet Another Music Radio for our Holiday Music 2006 mix with over six and a half hours of seasonal songs.)

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