Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Miscellany

ITEM! Over on TV Squad, Jay Black has a nice mini-essay: "In Defense of: Obsessive internet fanboys." Being a television blog he obviously focuses on television-related things, but it applies just as much to comics too I think.

ITEM! Somewhat related: Dave Snider dropped me an email about his new comic book-focused social encyclopedia: Comic Vine.

ITEM! Also related: my ongoing wiki obsessions: Comic Series Wiki, TVIV, TeeVeePedia.

ITEM! Since the Comics Weblogs Update-a-tron seems to have gone fallow--due to what would appear to be Yahoo!'s negligence in keeping operating, I've switched over to using Google Reader to keep up with my comics blog reading. As with many things that Google does, it tends to hit the mark more often than it misses (at least imho).

ITEM! Don't forget the Third Annual YACB CBLDF Fund Drive. I'm matching your $25 donation!

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Anonymous said...

I was playing around with the Yahoo feed to compensate for the comatose state of the blog-o-tron, but I'm finding it really sluggish and dumb. I'll have to give the Google version a try.