Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fred Julsing

Over at The Comics Reporter, Tom Spugeon reports that Dutch comics creator Fred Julsing has passed away.

The sad thing is that, despite what was apparently a long and illustrious career, I'd never even heard of Julsing.

A quick visit over to this fansite shows me what I've been missing. Even though the site is in Dutch, I can look around enough to see that I would in all probability really like Julsing's work. It's, well, charming. A bit Miyazaki-esque at times, by way of Dr. Seuss, but with a charm all its own.

Sadly, a quick check for Dulsing in Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk shows nothing, which would seem to indicate that nothing by Julsing has ever been translated into English. Which is a shame, because Dulsing seems like a talent who should have had some exposure over here.

So, which publisher will step up to the plate and get us some translated Dulsing? Please?

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