Thursday, January 13, 2005

Prof. Gloeckner

I finally got the chance to meet Phoebe Gloeckner in person on Tuesday. We didn't have a chance to talk for long, but she was very personable and intelligent. One of the courses she's teaching here is Art & Design 419: "ILLUSTRATION: Comics & Other Visual Narratives":

This course focuses on how words and pictures are used together in narrative expression, examining various genres of art and literature. A historical survey of historical and contemporary examples from literature and the visual arts and everything in between, from The Bayeux Tapestry and William Hogarth through William Blake and Robert Crumb. Students will be asked to create their own narrative pieces incorporating words and pictures; for example, a multi-page comic story or a series of paintings.

Anyway, this also gives me a good excuse to link to Prof. Gloeckner's recent photo essay. (Link via The Comics Reporter, among others.)

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B2 said...

I wish they'd had classes like that in college back in my day. Unfortunately, I had to read my comics between classes.