Thursday, January 27, 2005

Help a Marvel Zombie

Over at his new blog Hey Grown Ups - Comics!, Phil Parr is looking for suggestions for indy comics that he might enjoy: retailer doesn't carry independent titles and I don't have the dough to spend blindly out of Previews.

I so remember the joys of small press books. Please... save me! Tell me what I should be reading that doesn't come from the top five or six. More importantly... tell me why.

So how about it, comics blog-o-sphere--save Phil from Marvel Zombiedom!

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P2 said...

Just writing to post a very greatful thank you for steering your readers to my site. As a result I've got 10 new titles to look forward to (and the glaze over my eyes has already begun to lift)!

I've poted the recommendations for all to see.