Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jeff Smith Interview

Public library book distributor BWI has an interview with Bone creator Jeff Smith on the occasion of the release of the colorized Bone from Schoolastic.

Not much new in the interview, but it's interesting to see how Smith and Bone are being positioned to the mainstream market, especially in light of responses like this:

Nowadays, I'm still very much into comics. I like Paul Pope, who does graphic novels. His work just flows. There's a cartoonist from Canada by the name of Seth, who just had a piece in the New Yorker, and he's designing the Charles Schulz Complete Peanuts books. There's Jim Woodring. Fantagraphic [sic] just published The Frank Book. Those are just transcendent comics.

I now have visions of public librarians buying The Frank Book for their collections and twisting the minds of tweens across the country...

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