Sunday, January 30, 2005

Monkey Covers

Sunday is Monkey Covers day here at YACB. Because there's nothing better than a comic with a monkey on the cover.

From 1958's Action Comics #238, artists Curt Swan & Stan Kaye give us Superman vs. King Krypton, the Super-Gorilla. So, you're a talking super-powered gorilla from Krypton, and he best you can do is to hit Superman over the head with a log? How lame! Man, even Beppo could kick your hairy butt. (And how is it that the log doesn't just shatter on hitting Superman's super-hard skull?)

(standard disclaimer about gorillas not really being monkeys applies)

Image is courtesy of the GCD. Click on the image for a larger version.


James Meeley said...


That's obviously a soft piece of ground Superman is standing on, since he easily looks to be sinking in it. That's why the log isn't breaking. Now, if he were standing on a mountain, the effects would definately be different.

Heh, remember when trying to come up with explanations was part of the fun with comics? It's a shame we don't have more of that today.

- James

Dave Carter said...

James: Your No-Prize is on its way :)