Friday, March 17, 2006

Dave's Dozen: Collections/GNs

Concluding my look through the March Previews (for items supposedly shipping in May), here are a dozen collections and graphic novels that I feel are worth your attention:

Skrull Kill Crew
(Marvel, $16.99, p. M105)
Grant Morrison reunites with Aztek parter Mark Millar and Zenith artist Steve Yeowell for a story that takes a throw-away event from an old Fantastic Four comic and runs with it to its madcap violent conclusion.

(Dark Horse, $14.95, p. 36)

Two of my current favorite creators, brothers Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba, put together a collection of short stories. Easily one of the top picks of the month.

Wonder Woman: Destiny Calling
(DC, $19.99, p. 91)

The fourth collection of George Perez's now-classic post-Crisis Wonder Woman. Feature guest art by Art Adams, Brian Bolland, and others.

Five Fists of Science
(Image, $12.99, p. 138)

I've been waiting for this OGN to hit for what seems like forever. Mark Twain & Nikola Tesla team up to bring about world peace, but standing in their way is Thomas Edison and an evil science cabal. Pure steampunk joy.

Tezuka's Buddha vol. 1
(Del Rey, $14.95, p. 262)

Osamu Tezuka's masterpiece is now available in an affordable trade paperback, so now you have no excuse for not picking it up.

Gorilla Gorilla vol. 1
(Disney Press, $4.95, p. 279)

Art Baltazar's Gorilla Gorilla strips from Disney Adventures get collected into an kid-friendly affordable digest.

Castle Waiting
(Fantagraphics, $29.95, p. 284)

Yes $30 may seem like a bit much, but it's really a bargain for a hefty hardcover collection of Linda Medley's charming medieval fantasy. If you only buy one graphic novel this month, make it this one.

Alan Moore: The Complete Future Shocks
(Rebellion, $21.99, p. 315)

These stories from 2000 AD will give you a good look at the early work of a writer who would go on to become one of comics' top talents. Nothing deep here, but a good deal of fun.

Aoi House vol. 1
(Seven Seas, $10.99, p. 318)

A great high concept for a harem manga: two college boys are kicked out of their dorm, and end up living in a house with a bunch of yaoi-obsessed fangirls.

BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad vol. 4
(TokyoPop, $9.99, p. 332)

Rock 'n' Roll and teen angst. One of my current favorite manga series.

Oddly Normal vol. 1
(Viper Comics, $11.95, p. 349)

I enjoyeed the first issue and decided to wait for the trade, which is now here. Yay!

Phoenix vol. 7: Civil War
(Viz, $15.99, p. 358)

Anytime there's a new English edition of Tezuka's work, you should make a grab for it. Each volume in this, his magnum opus, is self-contained, so you don't need to worry about coming in on part 7--just dive right in!

That concludes Dave's Dozen for this month (previously I covered mainstream comics and indy comics). Come back next month for 36 (or so) picks.

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Wow! You picked Aoi House. That's awesome. Thanks! ^_^