Friday, March 03, 2006

YAFQ: The Ten Best Ideas in Comics

Yet Another Friday Question:

This one is Kevin's fault.

He recently claimed that the three best ideas in comics are:

1. Sole survivor from a doomed planet
2. Gorilla with a jetpack
3. A Nazi made out of bees

My question for you all on this Friday is:

What other ideas would you nominate to be in the Top Ten Best Ideas in Comics?

I've previously made claim to one that I think should be in the Top Ten: A giant ape with Kryptonite eye beams.

So, what are your nominations?


Anonymous said...

One of the best ideas I've seen on the medium in recent years has been Earth X (or Paradise X or something, don't remember) superheroes as anti-bodies: it explains the otherwise improbable notion of not only surviving a nuclear blast, but developing powers because of it. I liked it a lot, the raw idea, I disliked how they developed it, but that's another story.

Chance said...

"With great power comes great responsibility."

A bat smashing through Bruce Wayne's window.

The Vertigo line.

Philip said...

The beast of the apocalypse rejects his role & tries to live his life as an average guy (even if his skin is red & he has a giant stone right hand).

Tell me that's not an awesome idea.