Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New This Week: March 29, 2006: Best Week Ever!

I am hereby proclaiming this, the final week of March, 2006, the Best Week Ever for new comics!

Normally I point out a Pick of the Week, that one item you really should get. Sometimes the pickings are slim, but I usually manage to come up with one.

This week however, there are just too many damn good comics to choose from.

At the very top of the list is the collection of Root Nibot & Colleen Coover's Banana Sunday, last year's best miniseries. All of you who claimed you were waiting for the trade, now's your chance. If you don't like Banana Sunday, you just don't like comics.

Also in collection is the Alias Omnibus, collecting every issue of Bendis's Marvel/MAX series in one big honking hardcover. Yes, $70 is a bit steep, but to but all 28 issues individually would have cost you $84, so it's a bargain (and if you shop around you can get it for less...). And if that's not enough Bendis for you, Marvel also have the final trade collection of his Daredevil run.

But that's not all! There's also the bargain-priced edition of the Superman Archives, vol. 1. And also Lost in Space: Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul, which finally completes Bill Mumy and Michal Dutkiewicz's story, collecting the first previously published issues with the final six issues that never saw the light of day when Innovation folded.

Manga? Yes, we have that too, with the final volume of Osamu Tezuka's Buddha hitting the stores.

You say you want comics? Those regular old floppies? There's great stuff there as well, starting with the fourth issue of Kevin Huizenga's Or Else, bringing what is sure to be more inspired cartooning from the master craftsman.

Also in comics there's the third issue of Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's All Star Superman. And a new Star Wars: Tag & Bink comic. And the long-awaited return of Queen & Country to comics (did you read the novels--they're quite good!) And a new issue of Middleman...

And to top it all off, Becky Cloonan steps out on her own with the debut of her TokyoPop OEL title East Coast Rising.

So how's that for a huge bunch of Picks of the Week?

There are other comics of interest too, such as:

Antarctic have a new issue of Gold Digger (#73--#72 just came out last week...)

Dark Horse have a new issue of Usagi Yojimbo (#92).

DC continue the OYL fiesta with Action Comics (#837), Blue Beetle (#1), and Green Lantern (#10); and also have new issues of Lucifer (#72) & JLA Classified (#19); plus a collection of the Lady Constantine mini and a new Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives (vol. 18).

IDW have Peter David-ness with Fallen Angel #4 and Spike vs. Dracula #2.

Image have collections for The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty & Sea of Red (vol. 2); and new issues of Gødland (#9), Invincible (#30), and The Walking Dead (#27).

Marvel have the Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, the third New Avengers handcover, and new issues of Ultimate Spider-Man (#92) & X-Statix Presents Dead Girl (#3).

Top Shelf have the final issue of The Surrogates (#5).

See, what did I tell you? Best Week Ever! Just be sure to bring along your credit card when you visit your FNLCS--you're going to need it!


Rob Woods said...

It is a pretty absurd week. I haven't read Banana Sunday, but everyone's been ranting on about it so I guess I'll have to. Last week was pretty good too, at least as far as trades go.

zilla said...

i'm preparing to drop some serious coin this week too my friend... and yes banana sunday will come home with me (esp considering our deal). i love weeks like this (tho my wife doesn't).

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a picture of that little ape (in the second row of that cover) I become happy.