Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New This Week: September 27, 2006

Superman: Up, Up and Away!Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop today:

The Pick of the Week is Superman: Up, Up and Away!, the collection of the one-year later story from Action Comics & Superman. It's eight issues worth of quality super-heroics from Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns and Pete Woods for the reasonable price of $15.

In other comics:

Amaze Ink have the second issue of Sonny Liew's Wonderland.

Antarctic have the latest Ninja High School (#142).

Bongo have this year's Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror (#12), with Kyle Baker, Tony Moore, & Eric Powell.

Dark Horse have a new issue of Usago Yojimbo (#97).

DC have the final Losers collection (vol. 5: Endgame); a first collection of Phil Jimenez's Otherworld; and new issues of 52 (week 21), Action Comics (#843), American Way (#8--final issue), Batman (#657), Bite Club VCU (#5--final issue), Blue Beetle (#7), Hawkgirl (#56), Jack of Fables (#3), Justice League of America (#2), Secret Six (#4), Supergirl and the Legion (#22), and Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (#3).

Fantagraphics have a new issue of The Comics Journal (#278).

IDW have the first issue of Spike: Asylum.

Image have the fifth Walking Dead collection; the Image debut of True Story, Swear to God; and new issues of Invincible (#35) and Lions, Tigers & Bears (vol. 2 #3).

Marvel have a hardcover collection of Richard Corben's Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe; the 100th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man; and new issues of Captain America (#22), Civil War Front Line (#6), Daredevil (#89), Eternals (#4), Punisher (#38), She Hulk 2 (#12), Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (#10), and Ultimates 2 (#12).

Oni have the third issue of Northwest Passage.

WW Norton have a hardcover Will Eisner's New York: Life in the Big City, which includes New York, The Building, City People Notebook, and Invisible People. Well worth your time and money if you haven't read these yet.

That wraps up another week of new comics. Enjoy!

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