Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dave's (Half) Dozen: Indy Comics

Continuing my look through the September Previews (for comics supposedly shipping in November), here are a half dozen indy comics that I feel are worth your attention:

Rex Libris #6Rex Libris #6
(Amaze Ink/Slave Labor, $2.95, p. 232)
Rex has to save a library patron who is sucked into a refernce book of monsters. Why is Rex Libris so fun? Because James Turner knows to use terms like 'patron' when refering to libary users. More library-related jokes per page than any other comic shipping this month!

Tigers of Terra SpecialTigers of Terra Special
(Antarctic, $3.95, p. 237)
Ted Nomura celebrates the twentieth anniversary of his futuristic military comic will an all-new installment in the Families of Altered Wars saga.

Youngblood: Bloodsport #2
Youngblood: Bloodsport #2
(Arcade, $3.99, p. 237)
Issue #1 came out over two years ago, and was so bad that it took Rob Liefeld this long to draw the second issue. Buy it for the train wreck it is bound to be!

Ninja Tales #1Ninja Tales #1
(Boom!, $6.99, p. 255)
Ninjas get the Boom! anthology treatment. Now if they ever do a Ninjas vs. Zombies Tales comic, we'll have reached nerd nirvana!

Castle Waiting vol. 2 #2Castle Waiting vol. 2 #3
(Fantagraphics, $3.95, p. 283)
I hear tell that, although Linda Medley's hardcover collection is selling quite well thank you, the comic-sized bites of all-new Castle Waiting stories ins't doing so well. Come on people, I know you're waiting for the trade, but good quality indy comics need your support in comics form as well.

The Lost Books of Eve #1The Lost Books of Eve #1
(Viper, $3.25, p. 349)
Josh Howard goes all apocrypha on us with an off-book tale of Adam, the first man, going missing and Eve, his wife, battling monsters, wizards, demons and what-not to find him. Probably won't be a hit with the Southern Baptist crowd.

I covered mainstream comics last week. Hopefully maybe I'll get GNs and collections done before orders are due...

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