Monday, September 11, 2006

Minicomics Monday

Two minicomics from Drew Weing:

BlarBlar is a fun little comic that parodies barbarian parody comics, like Groo and Thrud. Through several short stories, Blar--the titular barbarian--uses his sword to slice easily and wordlessly through a host of enemies, often hillariously. Weing has a fun drawing style with a light line that recalls E.C. Segar's Popeye a bit. (samples here)

UntitledUntitled is, in fact, untitled. In a series of one-panel pages, Weing draws himself coming home from the market, when suddenly all reality breaks loose and he has to wander through a void in search of his love, Eleanor. It's an exercise in formalism that compares favorably with the work of Kevin Huizenga.

I enjoyed both of these comics, and I see from Weing's Website that he has a few more available; I'll look to get them from Little House Comics, where Weing's (and Eleanor's) minis can be purchased.

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