Monday, February 14, 2005

100 Things I Love About Comics

Fred Hembeck started it, Alan David Doane continued it, then Mike Sterling called us all out to put together our own lists of 100 Things I Love About Comics for Valentine's Day. So here it is, my Valentine to the comics industry:

1 Acme Novelty Library
2 The Adventures of Luther Arkwright
3 Akiko
4 All-Star Squadron
5 Amy Unbounded
6 Ariel Schrag
7 Barry Ween
8 Beppo the Supermonkey
9 The Brotherhood of Dada
10 Bruno
11 Buck Godot
12 Calvin & Hobbes
13 Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew
14 Cary Bates' Captain Atom
15 The Comics Blog-o-Sphere
16 Comics in Libraries
17 The Complete Peanuts
18 Concrete
19 Courtney Crumrin
20 "The Coyote Gospel"
21 Curt Swan
22 Dean Motter
23 Dial 'H' for H-E-R-O
24 Doctor Fate
25 Earth 2
26 Elliott S! Maggin's Superman novels
27 The Far Side
28 Finder
29 Frank Miller
30 Fred Perry
31 George Perez
32 Global Frequency
33 Gon
34 Gotham Central
35 The Grand Comics Database
36 "The Great Cow Race"
37 The Green Lantern Corps
38 Hisao Tamaki's Star Wars adaptation
39 Hoppy the Marvel Bunny
40 Imaginary Stories
41 Jack Kirby's Fourth World
42 "Jaka's Story"
43 Jason Lutes
44 Jessica Abel
45 Jill Thompson
46 Jim Woodring's Frank
47 Joe Kubert
48 John Constantine
49 Josie and The Pussycats
50 Kabuki
51 Kitty Pride
52 Kyle Baker
53 Larry Gonick
54 The last page of Thunderbolts #1
55 The Legion of Substitute-Heroes
56 Little White Mouse
57 Lone Wolf & Cub
58 Maison Ikkoku
59 Matt Feazell
60 Matt Howarth
61 Miracleman
62 Monkey Covers
63 Mutts
64 Neil Gaiman
65 Oracle
66 Osamu Tezuka
67 P. Craig Russell
68 Pam Bliss
69 Paradox Press's Big Books
70 Paul Levitz & Keith Giffen's Legion of Super-Heroes
71 Power Pack
72 Peter David on The Incredible Hulk
73 Quantum & Woody
74 Quarter Boxes
75 Queen and Country
76 Ryoichi Ikegami
77 Sergio Aragon├ęs
78 Snapper Carr
79 Star Wars #49 ("The Last Jedi")
80 Starro the Star Conqueror
81 Steve Rude
82 StrangeHaven
83 Strangers in Paradise
84 Stray Bullets
85 The Superfriends vs. The Legion of Doom
86 Superman
87 Superman: The Movie
88 Tales of the Beanworld
89 Tesla Strong
90 That Alan Moore "realised that Dave Gibbons was prepared to draw whatever absurd amount of detail you should ask for, however ludicrous and impractical."
91 Thieves & Kings
92 Tiempos Finales
93 Transmetropolitan
94 200 Pages of manga for $10
95 Ultimate Spider-Man
96 Uzumaki
97 We3
98 Will Eisner
99 Annataz
100 Zot!

Of course, this is limited to only 100 things, and I'm sure I would put together a different list on any other given day. So just because you're not on here, it doesn't mean that I don't love you.


Anonymous said...

"Power Pack," he asked slightly shocked.

Dave Carter said...

I have previously declared my love for Power Pack on this very blog.

And with a new Power Pack mini coming in April, I'm stoked!

Nik said...

Ooo, the Maggin Superman novels, I forgot those. Isn't "Miracle Monday" awesome?

Yike, about half our lists are exactly the same, for which I either applaud you or am ashamed of myself. :D

Dave Carter said...

I still have my dog-eared copy of Miracle Monday. DC of course will never republish these pre-Crisis novels, so we have to treasure them.

Maggin wrote what was for me the most believable pre-Crisis Lex Luthor.