Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Ten Things Meme

Ten Things I've Done That You May Not Have

1. Played bass guitar in my high school marching band
2. Created a simluation of the Game of Life in the Action! programming language on an Atari home computer
3. Served as director of the Internet Public Library for 3.5 years
4. Chopped off three fingertips on my left hand with a lawnmower
5. Collected 25,000 comic books
6. Ran a GURPS campaign set 20 years in the future of the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7. Wrote a literature paper on the use of doppelgangers in Charlotte's Web
8. Had my physician say, "I'm probably going to get a journal article out of your condition"
9. Presented at "The Future of Media in Public Libraries Experts Meeting" in Gütersloh, Germany
10. Quoted Alan Moore in my high school graduation salutatory speech

(meme via finabair and many others)

1 comment:

David Norman said...

Dude - three fingertips cut off by a lawnmower! That must have hurt. And still you blog - fair play to you.

And, 25,000 comics? Damn, that's a lot of comics. I doubt I've even read that many...

Doppelgangers in Charlotte's Web? Man, reading that sentence make me am feel stupid :)

Thanks for sharing, Dave.