Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New This Week: February 9, 2005

Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is the first issue of Grant Morrison & Philip Bond's Vinanarama (from DC/Vertigo). It's more high-concept from Morrison, in the comic equivalent of a Bollywood romantic comedy. Plus, with 32 pages of story and art, there's surely no better use for your $2.95 this week. Surely after We3 Morrison has earned the right for you to give this next project of his a look-see.

In other comics:

Beckett has the fourth issue of the domestic super-hero yarn Fade from Grace. C'mon man, it's only $1.99 for a full-length, full-color comic. And it's good, too. Those of you complaining that comics should be cheaper should put your money where your typing-fingers are.

Burlyman has the second issue of Doc Frankenstein.

Dark Horse has the collection of BPRD: Plague of Frogs, which was the first of the Hellboy/BPRD products that really grabbed me, other than just being mildly entertaining. (This would have been the Pick of the Week, if not for Vinanarama.)

DC has Brubaker & Mahnke's Joker Year One-style one-shot, Batman: The Man Who Laughs, along with new issues of Fables (#34), Gotham Central (#28), JLA (#111), and JSA (#70). There are also a softcovers of Steven T. Seagle's It's a Bird GN and the third Tom Strong collection, and the seventh collected volume of Lucifer.

Drawn & Quarterly has the eleventh issue of the much-delayed-but-still-worth-reading Berlin by Jason Lutes.

Marvel double's your Cap pleasure with the third issue of Brubaker & Epting's Captain America and the final issue of Captain America & The Falcon (#12). They also have the second issue of Peter David's return to the Incredible Hulk (#78); new issues of New Thunderbolts (#5), The Punisher (#17), and Ultimates 2 (#3); and the debut of the comic which nobody demanded, Young Avengers.

Oni has the final issue of Sam Kieth's Ojo (#5).

Finally, if you have two hundred bucks to blow on the Constantine Movie Statue: Keanu Reeves As Constantine, you need to just knock it off. Seriously, is this the sort of thing that anyone is interested in?


Brian Cronin said...

It's a good point, Dave, in that Vinanarama deserves to be read just based on We3. I think we, the readers, owe Morrison that much leeway...to at least TRY Vinamarama.

In addition, having read it, it was very cool. Very cool.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I'm going to try Vinanarama because my wife has really been getting into Bollywood recently and has me intrigued. I didn't love WE3, but it was definitely interesting.

As for Fade to Grace, my LCBS got it last week and it was great! The cover actually got me off the fence and I bought the first three issues, too. Loved it! When the TRB comes out, I plan to get one for my comic-resistant wife.