Thursday, February 03, 2005

Lee TV

I didn't watch the 60 Minutes piece on Stan Lee last night--I had completely forgotten it was on and the TiVo was busy recording a poorly-thought-out-and-executed episode of Smallville--but according to Mark Evanier I didn't miss much. It seems that the folks at CBS News are guilty of either shoddy or negligent reporting regarding Stan the Man's status as a Marvel creator. In most of Lee's recent appearances he's mentioned Kirby and Ditko as his co-creators/artists (whether he gives them enough credit is open to discussion...) so I would find it very odd that he wouldn't mention them during the interviews for this 60 Minutes segment as well. That would mean that 60 Minutes consciously left that part out so as to make for a better 'story'. Never let truth get in the way of a good story I guess, even if you purport to be a news program.

Edit: Tom Spurgeon also has interesting things to say.


Brian Cronin said...

I think Lee was just playing to what they wanted to hear. That, and I think they just edited it that way, as well.

He was on some talk show (Late Late Show, I believe), and he basically said all the same things, only this time, he mentioned the artists involved (or at least said artists were involved, natch).

Ryan Murray said...

I think I heard about something like this happening before. Where the news program ran a story without researching first. Oh, wait a minute, that was 60 minutes wasn't it.

Editing was probably the cause of this one though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, editing always seems to do that. If you are interested in seeing the interview on 60 Minutes, go to:
Stan Lee and 60 Minute Interview