Friday, March 03, 2006

YACB Bulletins

ITEM! Cartoonist Jules Feiffer was on the Diane Rehm show on Tuesday morning. He's mostly there to discuss his new kids book, A Room with a Zoo, but he also spends some time talking about his early days as a cartoonist. (Real Audio & Windows Media mormats)

ITEM! The Comic Book Network is holding a V for Vendetta Trivia Contest, where you can win some swag from the upcoming movie by answering a few Alan Moore-related trivia questions.

ITEM! Jessica Abel has revised her Website, and it's worth taking a look. I especially like the illustrations in her gallery that she's done for YM (via Tom)

ITEM! Catherine Leamy, who is fast becoming one of my favorite mini-comics creators, is featuring all through the month of March brand new one-page Invitation to Madness cartoons on her blog. The first one went up on Thursday.

ITEM! Pal Jim Ottaviani is interviewed about Bone Sharps and his other science comics over at Newsarama.


M said...

I love Metrokitty!

Kitty said...

Thanks for the linkage!