Sunday, May 28, 2006

FCBM2 Day 28.5

Ruule: Kiss and Tell #1It's still day Twenty-eight of the second annual YACB Free Comic Book Month, so let's give away more free comics!

Today's second selected entry comes from Corey Chitwood. Corey's five comics are:

1. Kane
2. Bacchus
3. Shade the Changing Man
4. 100%
5. Love & Rockets

For Corey I have Ruule: Kiss and Tell #1 by Jeff Amano & Craig Rousseau.

And like most of the selected entries, Corey will be receiving a special Dark Horse promo-priced comic, in this case The Goon 25¢ Edition by Eric Powell.

Corey's comics should be in the mail soon. Enjoy!

Current FCBM Statistics:
62 entries
97 free comics sent so far
3 days remaining

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