Sunday, May 07, 2006

FCBM2 Day 7

Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #1It's day Seven of the second annual YACB Free Comic Book Month!

Today's selected entry comes from Mike Thompson. The five comics that Mike listed are:

1. New Avengers
2. Conan
3. Daredevil
4. Ex Machina
5. The Walking Dead

Although he doesn't specifically say so, I'm betting that Mike is the kind of guy who likes his comics with lots of apes. So I'll be sending Mike the first issue of Revolution on the Planet of the Apes by Salgood sam, Joe O'Brien, Ty Templeton, Attila, and Bernie Mireault.

And like all the selected entries, Mike will be receiving a special Dark Horse promo-priced comic, in this case The Goon 25¢ Edition by Eric Powell.

Mike's comics should be in the mail soon. Enjoy!

There's still time to send in your entry for the YACB Free Comic Book Month; details are here.

Current FCBM Statistics:
47 entries
23 free comics sent so far
24 days remaining

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