Wednesday, May 31, 2006

FCBM2 Day 31.5

A Trip to RundbergIt's still day Thirty-one of the second annual YACB Free Comic Book Month!

Today's second selected entry comes from Shawn Kilburn. Shawn listed his five comics as:

1. Inivincible
2. Planetary
3. The Goon
4. From Hell
5. Seaguy

For Shawn I have A Trip to Rundberg, the graphic novel of zombie mayhem by Nate Southard & Shawn Richter.

As a bonus, I'm sending Shawn a Gemstone Halloween ashcan Donald Duck comic, featuring the story "Hobblin' Goblins" by Carl Barks.

Shawn's comics should be in the mail soon. Enjoy!

Current FCBM Statistics:
62 entries
111 free comics sent so far
?? days remaining

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dave!
That sounds excellent!