Saturday, October 02, 2004

Around the Horn

What has been the talk of the comics blogosphere for the past week? Glad you asked!

After Joe Casey & Matt Fraction's Basement Tapes article about manga came out, much discussion ensued, including comments from Jon, Johanna and David.

Steve the Gutterninja comments on Paul O'Brien's Ninth Art column about Marvel's & DC's constant revamping.

Stephen Gerding at 4-Color Review has an interview with Scary-Go_Round creator John Allison.

Will Pfeifer puts on his X-Ray Specs and shares with us one of his early comic masterpieces: "Space Force Frog."

James is Reading Along and comes out of the comics basement.

Gordon speculates on Identity Crisis. Blog THAT, Pal!

Comics Ate Tom's Brain, but he still manages to imaging a Post-Crisis Crisis: part 1; part 2.

Rick is Behind the Times, but still manages to demonstrate that once upon a time, even Kurt Busiek wrote bad comic books.

Ian in the Brill Building continues talkin' Chaykin.

Jeff Lester, a Savage Critic, really hates the latest Amazing Spider-Man.

Dorian, that Postmodern Barney, asks Subtext? What Subtext?.

Mike Progressively Ruins Swamp Thing games.

Finally, Lieber's tyrany is over at Mercury Studios.

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Gordon D said...

Thanks for the link...although I'm really gonna be miffed if it turns out to be Ambush Bug.