Saturday, October 30, 2004

Around the Horn

Here's what's been the talk of the comics blogosphere for the past week:

Dorian hates vampires. Kevin, Johanna, Dave and Sam all respond. Me? I can see some of Dorian's points, but think tht he's taken too narrow a view on what sort of vampires exist in fiction--if he wants 'something new' to be said about vampires, he need look no further than the recently ended Angel television series, which uses a vampire with a soul as a metaphor for seeking redemption (among other things). Also, vampire-type creatures have been part of the mythological landscapes of many cultures, not just the eastern European variety.

Graeme returns to Fanboy Rampage.

Another blog contest, as Tim offers up cool swag if only you'll tell him he's full of it. (Actually, he uses a word that rhymes with 'it', but you can probably figure out what word that is on your own--or just click the link.)

Eliot reviews a bunch of things he picked up at SPX, which reminds me that I have a stack of comics a freind brought back from there that I need to get to...

Jon explains Japanese Octopi Sex.

Chris disappears for the week. Hope that everything is okay...

Matt asks "what are the comics recently published or being published now that are going to be classics?".

Matt (a different Matt) looks at pre-Vertigo DC.

Ed asks people to recommend books he should be reading, and the people respond.

Steve thinks about mini-series.

Gordon compares V for Vendeta and The Prisoner.

Johanna reveals her favorite comic book.

Finally, a big blogosphere welcome to Tom Spurgeon, whose The Comics Reporter is an intersting and ambitious blog/news/commentary site.

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